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5 Must Have Camping Gadgets 2020 Edition

So for today blog I decided to search the web for useful camping gadgets that can facilitate or change certain challenges faced when going camping. During the Summer, going camping can be the most relaxing thing to do for your brain. We are always so caught up by our daily tasks and worries that we always forget to go back to take a step back and camping is the perfect activity to do exactly that!

As I mentioned in my previous article, I found this crazy company called It’s Nerd and man did they make my life easier. Their entire catalogue is dedicated to new quality tech products that have recently entered the market and that make amazing gifts for him or her. In other words, they help startup companies sell and market their products online.

Therefore, without further ado, here’s my top 5 must have camping gadgets of 2020.

Even though the main reason you go camping to get away from electronics and technology in general, you still need your head lights, flash lights and other electrical component to be available with you. And you have an environmental conscience you preferably to not want to use single time use batteries to avoid polluting the earth. Also it is very difficult to dispose of single use lithium batteries. The Camping Wood Stove & Charger is on a mission to revolutionize the way we cook, charge and light our lives of the grid. The way it works is simple, the stove uses thermodynamics to convert the heat generated from burning wood in the stove to electricity! You have a USB port that you plug anything into and voila!

camping wood stove and charger

If you don’t like carrying a stove when going camping and use the one on the spot, you can use the Hand Crank Charger to generate instant power with your own hands. The charger is light enough to be carried around (330 g) without it being a nuisance.

hand crank charger

Okay so this gadget does not help you camp better but definitely makes camping a lot funnier. You know how you always get bitten or get followed by a fly during camping? Now you can show them who’s the real boss if they don’t stop bugging you with the Salt Gun For Flies. The concept is simple, you charge the gun with grain salt and then you simply charge and shoot these them flies.

gun for flies

This gadget is made for people that go on long expeditions in the mountain or some place really windy. The Portable Wind Turbine harnesses the wind to generate instant power direct to a device or battery and is perfect for charging smartphones, cameras, medical equipment and more.

portable wind turbine

This product is made for campers that go on long camping trips in isolated prices. It’s also a great way to save on plastic bottles for people that are environmentally conscious. Simply immerse the tube in a water stream, pump the handle and let the filtration do the job. It’s also lightweight and very much portable!

portable water purifier
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