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Choosing Necklaces for Women

Talking about fashion, improving how we appear, or even how an outfit can enhance our first impressions, is key in our daily routine. Most of us rarely consider the extra accessories we can add to our everyday outfits. The kind of accessories that flatter our appearance to its most elegant level.

Today, different fashion styles are desired due to the multiple outfits provided online, which leave us asking for more.

“I would like to try this style on!"

Well, each person has their own characteristic and would look ideal in a different way. The point is, fashion is not only a nice T-shirt with unique jeans. In fact, fashion has way more to offer that would help us look cool, elegant, and even luxurious. One perfect extra touch can turn a casual look into a pleasurable one. At the same time, one wrong extra touch would turn a perfect outfit into a disaster. Just like wearing a choker with a high-neck blouse.

Choosing the right necklace can show the beauty of your neck and shoulders and bring more attention to those beautiful parts of you. Leaving the person in front of you thinking "Wow, she looks stunning" sounds perfect, right? Don’t worry! After reading this article, you will be hearing those magical words every single day. But first, did you know that there is a huge range of necklace types?

Necklace Types

In the world of fashion, there is a huge collection of necklace types, sizes, lengths, and colors. Some of them became trendier than others, just like chokers. Who hasn’t worn a choker at least once in the past few years? Let’s talk about some other exceptional necklace types that you didn’t even hear of but would turn your fashion taste into the most stylish and chic way possible. You never know, you might start a new trend!

  • Bayadere Necklace: This type is customarily made from groups of sea-coasts or pearls wrapped together.

  • Lavalier Necklace: A chain that ends in one giant piece of jewelry.

  • Festoon Necklace: This sort normally has grafts of line stones or metal parts creating the design, with jewelry dangling from two spots in the front of the necklace.

  • Sautoir Necklace: Usually created from raindrops in a long style that is perfected with jewelry attaching from each end.

  • Beb Necklace: Most designers create this type with a plentiful group that’s more hanging at the front and decrease towards the end of the necklace, and it’s mostly made with mixed lines of gemstones.

What Suits What?

Seeking to enhance your attraction parts could be a little tricky. Especially for those who have a lot of responsibilities and tasks to achieve every day, which doesn’t leave them enough time to keep up with fashion. Don’t worry. Knowing your body type better can help you choose the right clothes and accessories faster and easier. Every woman has a different type of neck. Some women have long necks, and others have shorter ones. Each type looks perfect with a different kind of necklace. You must be thinking "which one suits me better"? All you have to do to know the answer is to choose which one of these kinds is your neck type.

  • Open-Neck Tops: If you have this type, you would appreciate trying out a 14-inch collar necklace. It fits tightly on the neck and increases the length of it to look taller and more beautiful.

  • High Neck Line: Try on a 24-inch Opera necklace with a high neckline T-shirt. It falls against the bust and sometimes lower, which keeps your neck looking tall but more attractive.

  • Strapless Neck: Wearing a 20-inch matinee that sits between the bust and collarbones gives your shoulders a unique look and your neck a taller appearance.

  • Evening Attire: Having this type means that a 30–34 inches Rope necklace is your best friend. It doesn’t go with a casual outfit, but if you are wearing something fancy, this will add a luxurious touch to your appearance. It’s usually made with bright colors falling below the bust.

Choose the Right Length

Choosing the right length of a necklace is one of the most important steps in the process of buying that particular accessory. You must be thinking, "Why? If I like it, I’ll buy it!" Actually, buying the wrong necklace length is nothing but a waste of money. The necklace accessory is the closest to your face, which means it’s one of the first things people will notice when they see you. Imagine seeing a friend of yours with a perfect outfit, but with an ugly necklace. As soon as you look at them, you can’t take your eyes off that particular part. You might even forget the entire outfit they are wearing and spend your day remembering that hideous necklace they had on. That’s the main reason you need to read the following tips!

  • If you have a long slender neck, you need to try out a choker! It will keep the length of your neck visible, but magically better!

  • If you have a short neck, then chokers are your enemy! Try out a chain that measures around 20–24 inches. It will give your neck a taller appearance and bring down the attention to your collarbones.

  • If you have an average length and width, then you can go ahead and buy any necklace type. The chokers would be a charming touch, and at the same time, trying out a long chain would look great as well!

What Color Suits You Better?

Now sit back, relax, and try to remember. How many necklaces do you have that you never wear? Each one of us has at least one abandoned necklace. It might be because of the color, or it’s an old gift you didn’t like. Better yet, you might not even know why you don’t wear it anymore! Well, when it comes to jewelry that rests against your skin, contrasting with your skin tone, the color is what matters the most. Besides, what’s more noticeable than the color of a necklace on your neck. Choosing the perfect color is not really hard. All you have to do is recognize your skin tone to find the right match of jewelry. How do you do that? It’s easy, so bring your mirror!

  • If you have green nerves on your wrist, can ordinarily tan comfortably without getting hurt, and have brownish, greenish, or bluish-green eyes with darkish hair color, then your skin tone is warm.

  • If you have blue nerves on your wrist, strive to tan, can get burned easily in the sun, and have colored eyes (like sky-blue or green with golden hair color), then your skin tone is cool.

Now, what color would look better on each one of these skin tones? Even easier! Here are some tips to help you look good with your accessories and feel even better!

  • If you have a warm skin tone, you will love trying on a piece of gold jewelry. It would look charming and will bring your skin a luxurious look, especially if it’s paired with gemstones in yellow, turquoise, or green colors. Your skin would appreciate this extra touch!

  • If you have a cool skin tone, try on a silver or white-gold piece of jewelry. It would keep your skin looking remarkable and would add an extra glamorous touch to keep you at the center of attention! Especially if it’s paired with energetic gems in purple, dark-red, or dark-blue color.

In General

"Jewelry is like the perfect spice. It always compliments what’s already there."

—Diane Von Furstenberg.

Picking a new item of jewelry has only one purpose for a woman. It’s to feel fabulous and love herself every time she looks in the mirror. It doesn’t really matter which outfit or accessory you choose, as long as you love it, because you already look great. In the end, fashion is made for you to boost your self-confidence. So go ahead and choose yourself a nice piece of jewelry. You and your skin deserve it!

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