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A Quest for the Perfect Gift

OK let’s face it, in today’s world, it’s very hard to find something unique to buy for your loved one. I can stress how many times I felt like I searched the whole web and could not find one single product worth buying. Especially due to the fact that we always want to surprise or impress somebody with a gift that really suits them and is useful for them. Most gifts today are either used a couple time and then thrown out or are gifted again to someone else. All of these aspects disappeared when I found this website called It’s Nerd. When I browsed through the website, I immediately felt that theme that the creators were trying to pass through their selection is: useful, quality & innovative nerdy gift ideas for him and her. I realized that I never have to browse for innovative gifts ever in my life. You can find anything you want depending on who you are gifting the product to. You can filter by age but also by interest. For example if you have a friend or lovers that often go camping or travel a lot, then you have a complete collection of narrowed down products that will help pimp their camping or outdoor activities. Moreover, I was interested in knowing more about their mission statement and what their goal or purpose was about. Turns out that they help out startups all over the world sell their product through their platform. Nowadays, it’s very hard to list your product on Amazon and having it featured as a top hit in searches related to a particular product. When you list your product you often find yourself creating a listing that will just drown in a sea of endless meaningless products. But at It’s Nerd you cannot create the listings yourself, you have to inquire and submit a form on their website. Once, approved they will create the listing themselves so that it’s up to standard and uniform across the site. That’s also another aspect that I loved on their website; I was able to find the exact information on each and every product such as dimensions, weights and what’s included in the box. On top of all of that, they thoroughly vet their products to make sure no false marketing is displayed. They are stand behind their products that they offer a hassle free 14 day satisfaction guarantee and a one year warranty on all products, no minimums! So there you have it, a nerdy website that brings forth the most sophisticated gadgets that you can find on the web. Why spend hours searching the web when you can have a website do it for you. You will not drown in a vast field of products and spend hours looking through products that are not worth their dime nor make a good unique gift. I will keep browsing the web a review tech gadgets but I think that with It’s Nerd half of my job is already complete.

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